From the novice rider at a local show to the professional trainer competing at the national level, every rider wants to look their best.  Our custom Western show clothes will
help you accomplish that goal.

We occasionally have ready-made western shirts available to purchase, but our focus is on building a custom outfit to your specifications.  We can design a top to match chaps you already own, or start from scratch with new chaps, a new top, and even a side-saddle skirt for a complete, one-of-a-kind ensemble.

We use only the finest materials in our clothing construction, including Ultra-suede HP, genuine Swarovski rhinestones, and luxurious Italian lambskin.

Skye Blue and Danielle Chuchran, US National Top 20, in a custom western show outfit by Hi Horse Apparel.
DW Kirikulus and Tammy Bowles, U.S. National Champion Ladies Side saddle, in a custom side saddle ensemble by Hi Horse Apparel.
DW Kirikulus and Cari Denham, Scottsdale Champion ATR, in a custom western outfit by Hi Horse Apparel.
Custom western show jacket trimmed in royal blue lambskin with black ice stars.
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DBA Calico Girl and Ali Brady, US National Top 20, in a custom western show jacket by Hi Horse Apparel.
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Custom show clothes by Hi Horse Apparel